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 Brand new stock with Ich

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PostSubject: Brand new stock with Ich   Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:08 am

new stock with Ich

Hi guys, I bought an used 46 gallon aquarium, I returned the fishes and I got
2 Pearl gouramis
5 Panda cory
1 Bristlenose pleco
3 clown loaches
1 molly
1 platy
1 Zebra danio
9 Cardinal tetra

Most of them are just purchased baby fishes (except the platy, molly and zebra danio that I kept from previous stock)

On day 1 the cardinals started to hide
3rd day started to die

On day 5 only 2 survived and yesterday I saw one with a puffed eye, just surviving...almost dead
then I noticed that there was ich all arround, except for the panda corys.

Fishes look active and the ich is at an early stage.

Really, I feel more stressed than the fishes themselves :-(

I found a medication called Voogle. it claims that it is safe for every fish and plant, they claim as well that its a proven treatment for Ich.

I'm giving it a try, and, just in case, I mixed with Jungle Ick guard.
So I gave a full Voogle dose with a small 10 gallon Ick Guard dose (because of the clown loaches, corys and the pleco)

I cannot add salt or raise the temperature (Panda Corys are good up to 24C), well, I do have always a small amount of salt in the aquarium, but not enough to treat ick.

I'll keep you informed, any suggestion, tip of even past experiences are more than welcome.

Ahhhh, one last question, does anyone knows if the driftwood will get dyed with the ich medication? should I remove it?

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Brand new stock with Ich
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